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By | July 7, 2014

Christmas is a Christian event in which people celebrate birth of Jesus on 25th December every year. This is a very famous occasion for Christian community all over the world and they celebrate it with happiness and pleasure. This is the time when every office and business is closed in the world as all the employees are gone to their folks for the Christmas celebration. This is like the biggest event of the year where friends and families get a chance to meet each other, sit together, eat dinner and share their stories. As this is the biggest celebration of the year, people give and receive gifts to show their love and affection towards a spouse, friend or family member. Although a gift is okay but you can also attach a tag or a small card with the gift too. Selecting and buying a gift sound very complicated and difficult itself and one certainly wouldn’t want to make it more complicated by designing a tag but believe, it’s easier that it sounds.

There are many websites that offer to design a Christmas gift tag on internet and the beg news is that it’s free of cost. You can choose from a number of templates and various colors from the list and design in according to your imagination and the relationship of yours with that person you want to write the tag to. Some people like to use a simple white paper and just put a quote on it where others use different formats like their own pictures or sceneries to brighten it up. In case you don’t want to do it over a website, you can also create one at home. This way you can use your own imagination and creativity to design the tag which you think the other person will like. Also you can use a single tag for all the gifts you are going to send this year or use different one for each gift.

Here is preview of this Free Christmas Tag Template created using MS Word,

Christmas Tag Template

Here are some guidelines to create a Christmas gift tag at home:

  • First of all you need to select a paper like if it would be white or colored. Once you have chosen it, the rest is quite easy.
  • After that you are required to choose a format like whether it will be a traditionally folded one or trendy post card style. Also you can cut the paper into whatever shape you like such as teddy bear, deer, a Barbie doll or your family photo.
  • Now it’s time to write on the card and here you can add something personally such as a sweet memory, a beautiful moment or a quote which you chose from a website or book.
  • You can brighten up the tag by using shiny stars, glitter and different figures like flowers or even your own picture.
  • You can also use some accessories like colorful ribbons, or design a border on the tag. It’s up to you that what level of imagination you are at and how creative you are.

At the end, put your name and sign the card along with a salutation.

Here is download link for the above mentioned Free Christmas Tag Template,

Download Christmas Tag Template

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