Birthday Gift Certificate Template

By | April 15, 2014

Birthday parties are like the biggest tradition in every culture and people always organize a big party for such an event. People use to invite all of their close relatives and friends for birthday party of their child or their own. For most of the families it’s like the one occasion to meet all the family members and old friends, sit and eat together and share their life stories. If you are invited to such a party and you have decided to attend the event, it’s time you think about getting a gift for the birthday guy or gal. Sometimes it’s easy for you to get a present if you know that birthday person very well but if you are not that close to him or her, it will be a difficult task for you. You can ask someone else to tell you or you can browse a website to look for a perfect present. If you can’t think of a proper item, you may want to think about a gift certificate.

Here is preview of this Free Birthday Gift Certificate Template,

Birthday Gift Certificate Template

A birthday gift certificate is like a coupon which you can get from number of stores, outlets and restaurants. It’s like a credit card which you can give whenever you visit a place instead of cash. If it’s a stationary store certificate, the owner can use it in a bookshop or buy a book or novel or if it’s a restaurant card, one can use it to eat dinner or organize a party for friends. The best thing about such a coupon is that you can use it as many times as you want until there is cash remaining in the certificate. For example first time you can to drink coffee or have tea and after that you can use it to take lunch or dinner. But a little set back about this certificate is that you can’t transfer it to anyone else and all the money in the certificate is only for you.

Here are some guidelines to create a birthday gift certificate:

  • If you are in the creative department in the company or the company hired you to design a template for the certificate, first of all you have to decide what your certificate will look like. You can make it formal, casual or unique in a totally different way.
  • Then the next thing you have to decide is to think if you want to put a picture on the certificate of just text. You can keep it simple or put a picture of the birthday guy or girl if you want to make it a novelty card.
  • This certificate is a great way to advertise your business and tell the people about your products and services so make it a good one which attracts people.
  • Although you have thought everything by your own but not it’s time to get help from design software like Coral draw or Photoshop which eases your task.
  • If you are sure that it’s perfect, you can print it right away and if you need to approve it from your supervisor, you can also download it in the computer to print later.

Here is download link for this Birthday Gift Certificate Template,

Download Birthday Gift Certificate Template

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